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Thomas and Jeanne Denton


Thomas Denton (1701-1770) and his wife Jeanne (1697-1770) were the founders of St Aubin's Hospital

He was the son of Thomas Denton, Harbourmaster at St Aubin, and Jeanne Hamelin. He was born in 1701, and baptized in St Brelade Church. He made his money as a merchant and ship owner at St Aubin.

In May 1752 he married Jeanne, daughter of Pierre Le Bailiff and Marie Le Brocq at the parish church. She was born in St Brelade in 1697. Their children all died young.

In 1735 Thomas was one of the founders of St Aubin's Church, and his name appears in the first subscription list for £50. In 1750 he and his wife presented the church with a silver baptismal dish.

On 7 October 1757 he made an offer to the Parish Assembly. If they would provide a suitable hospital (ie poor house) for the parish, he would give £1,006, invested in 3% consols, the income from which might be used for the support of the inmates. His offer was accepted.

A house was taken (the old house two doors from the Church Hall), and Denton made first treasurer. He died in 1770, and was buried in St Brelade's Church. Shortly after his widow made her will, by which she left to the Hospital an additional £1,500 sterling.

The income was now sufficient to provide for more than the old house could accommodate, so a larger house was bought from Thomas Pipon, who took the old house in part exchange. This charity was soon after further augmented by gifts of £600 from Jeanne Marett and £100 from Francoise Hue.

The record of the first gift to the parish of £1,006, and Thomas Denton’s will, are now held by Jersey Archive.

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