The life of islanders

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The life of islanders


Among everything that has been written about the history of Jersey, information on the life of ordinary islanders is sadly lacking. We know something of the life of the better-off islanders because their wills and inventories of their homes survive in large numbers, but our history books are mainly about the ruling classes and events such as wars and invasions, relations with the United Kingdom and other political issues.

This page provides links to articles to be found throughout Jerripedia which provide something of an insight into the lives of the whole community over the years. It is being expanded as more information is unearthed and new articles are created.

'Afternoon tea in Jersey in 1910': Two ladies enjoying the quintessentially English activity of taking afternoon tea in a seaside tearoom. There is nothing to indicate that the photograph was taken in Jersey other than the caption written on the back of the print, and the fact that the lady on the left is wearing a traditional Jersey bonnet. It's impossible to identify the location from the view out of the windows, but if we had to hazard a guess it would be one of the hotels on the coast at La Corbière

Cholera outbreaks

Jersey Looks Forward

After the German Occupation Norman Le Brocq published a book called Jersey Looks Forward, in an attempt to influence the restructuring of the States. As well as looking forward, his booklet also took a backward glance at industrial problems and struggles of working people in the island. Here are some links to extracts from the book.

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