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Primary Schools


Picture at an unknown school in 1928-29

Primary schools today

There are currently 22 free primary schools in Jersey and two fee-paying primary schools in the States sector. Children start in these schools either in the term or the academic year in which they reach the age of five. The 22 non-fee paying schools are listed below:

Former schools

States primary schools which are no longer in existence:

Although strictly private schools, in that they were run by churches, there were a number of schools in the early years of the 20th century which submitted annual returns to the States giving numbers and names of children, attendance, summary of inspectors reports, accounts, examination results and names of teachers.

Returns for the years 1906 to 1913 are held at Jersey Archive for Jersey National School, St Mark's School, St James National School, St Paul's National School, St Luke Church of England School, St Brelade's Pariochal School, St Peter's National School, St Ouen's Parochial School, St Ouen's Wesleyan School, St Matthew's Elementary School, Gouray National School, Gouray Hilgrove School, St Saviour Parochial School, Grouville Central, Trinity Parochial School, St Mary and St Peter's Roman Catholic School, St Martins pariochal School, St Peters Pariochal School, St Brelade's (La Moye) School, St Mary's Pariochal School, St John's School, St Helier's (First Tower) School, St Clement Parochial School, St Lawrence Elementary School, St Ouens (Les Landes) School, St Helier (La Motte), St Peter's Parochial School, St Helier Parochial (St Simons) School.

This system ended in 1912, when legislation which had taken three years to obtain Privy Council assent brought the whole primary school system under the control of the States, administered through a new Comité d'Instruction Primaire. On 1 February 1913 the States took over the 14 parish schools and church schools and others reaching acceptable standards were invited to join the new States Education system, or face losing any grants.

List of schools and training establishments from a 1927 almanac - this list was not complete
French prizes in 1887

The 14 schools which were taken over by the States were:

  • La Motte Street
  • Brighton Road
  • First Tower
  • St Lawrence
  • Beaumont
  • La Moye
  • Les Landes
  • St Mary
  • StJohn
  • St Martin
  • St Saviour
  • St Clement
  • Grouville
  • Trinity

Private schools

A number of privately run primary schools operate today, and many more have existed in the past.

Jersey Pupil Teacher Centre in 1916
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