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Maufant Manor, St Saviour


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A satellite view in 2022, courtesy of Google Maps. The original house and its garden are at the bottom

Property name

Maufant Manor

Other names

Manoir de Maufant


Route de Maufant

Type of property

Five-bay two-storey Jersey 'cod' house


  • Bought by Mr J R Chilton from Mrs B S F Wilsey for £250,000 in 1981
  • Sold for £1.7 million in 2004 and £5.3 million in 2020, after being marketed for £6 million

Families associated with the property


1837 - no initials

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

A high quality example of a Jersey 'cod house', built in 1837 in late Georgian style, with a collection of former farm buildings. Site includes walled gardens, pond and stone archways.

Although not strictly a manor, the property has been so called as far back as the 17th century on the strength of it being the principal house in the district. There is, however, a link with Dielament, in that it used to belong to the same family and was traditionally lived in by a son of the seigneur of that fief.

The present house was probably built in 1837, the date which appears on a stone in the garden wall, and perhaps also on an incomplete datestone over the north door.

François Ahier acquired the house in 1825 and may have been responsible for the rebuilding. It is thought that there was once a medieval chapel on the site, as a nearby field-name, Clos de la Chapelle, suggests; fragments of this may be preserved in one of the outbuildings, which contains a segmental-arched doorway. There are stones from a medieval fireplace in the quoins.

The principal building is of rectangular form with single storey wings to the east and west. It is of granite rubble with the west and south fronts rendered between stone dressings.

There is a collection of outbuildings to the rear of the house, forming a north courtyard. These include two rubble granite ranges, one of which contains early stonework and segmental-arched doorway on its north elevation; and a brick bellcote mounting on the west gable end. To the west is a pigsty of dressed granite and brick construction. The garden walls incorporate an 1837 datestone and archways.

Old Jersey Houses

Despite having no features older than the 19th century, this house features in Vol One of the work. The article refers to the historic use of the term 'manor' and the possibility that there was a Chapelle de Maufant here. It is suggested that the present house was built in front of an older one in 1837

Notes and references

A 3D satellite view in 2022, courtesy of Google Maps. The original house is on the left of the courtyard
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