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Historic Jersey buildings

Ferme Grandet, St Lawrence


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Property name

Ferme Grandet

Other names



Rue de La Golarde, St Lawrence

Type of property

18th century farmhouse refaced in later years

Families associated with the property

  • Helleur: The house almost certainly rebuilt for the Helleur family, but owned earlier by the Le Cras family
  • Le Cras


  • NLC MM 1724 - For Noe Le Cras and Marie Marett. The date does not relate to their marriage, for which no record appears to exist, because their son George was born in 1723
  • FHL MRD 1836 - For Francois Helleur and Marie Rondel, who married in 1827. Their grandson, Frederick Daniel Helleur eventually inherited the property, but it was subsequently sold and the name changed to Ferme Grandet
  • HPN EAB 1837- For Helier Pinel and Elizabeth Aubert. It is possible that this stone is not originally from this property [1]

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

An 18th century Jersey farm with 19th century alterations, retaining original features and integrity as a farm group. Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

Five-bay, two-storey house with two-storey annex on the west, farm building adjoining it on the west side to form a farmyard at the rear of the property with a further farm building and outhouse on the east side.

Old Jersey Houses

A short reference in volume 2 concentrates mainly on the datestones, and adds:

"The south front, which has no distinguishing features, must be 19th century. The inside partitions are wooden, most of the doors are two-panelled, and the stairs have had the applique added to the sides of the risers, perhaps at the 1827 period. The end gable shows no sign of the extenision to the north, which undoubtedly took place, as may be seen from the very thick walls."

Notes and references

  1. Jersey Datestone Register :"There a number of indicators that this stone does not belong to this property. The couple commemorated seem to have no connection with St Lawrence, both were born and buried in St John. They baptised their children there and only left the parish to marry. Also, it looks like the three in 1837 has been tinkered with so as to resemble an eight
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