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Historic Jersey buildings

L'Espine, St Lawrence


The property in 2021 bears no resemblance to the original semi-detached cottages

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Property name

L'Espine [1]

Other names

  • Euterpe Lodge


Rue de Haut, St Lawrence

Type of property

Semi-detached cottage


Sold for £1 million in 2011 and £1,662,500 in 2014

Families associated with the property

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

This 19th century building has been significantly extended and altered. Originally two early 19th century cottages, refurbished and greatly extended in 20th and 21st centuries. Detached, the main building set back from the road, two-storey, seven-bay. One bay to the west is set back from the main building.

At the front, a two-storey building with tiled roof and random granite stone walls. On the east, a large garage door with granite lintel

Old Jersey Houses

The property is described as a rare example of semi-detached cottages, combined into one dwelling, but it has clearly been significantly altered since the entry was written in 1977.

"It used to be said that the block was built as workmen's cottages, but this seems unlikely, and it is suggesed that the owner intended it for his two daughters, or perhaps sisters. It was originally a pair of cottages, with two staircases, each cottage having four very small rooms on each floor.
"A granite coach house used to hold a loose box and two stalls, as well as room for a carriage, with a hay loft above.
"It must have been Jurat Gallichan, one-time owner, who planted the lovely row of camellias to the south of the house, and the magnolia on the roadside."

Notes and references

  1. The name was changed to l'Espine in 1924 when Jurat William Collas bought it and called it after his family's Brittany home before they emigrated to Jersey in 1495
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