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The costs of keeping Jerripedia running on the Web are considerable. We no longer have a sponsor and have to secure the necessary funding in other ways.

The promise made when the site launched that it will always be free to access is being maintained and we have ruled out advertising and commercial sponsorship, or a link to any other organisation, to ensure our continuing independence.

We hope that regular visitors to the site and anybody whom it has helped in their family history research will make a small donation, by clicking on the Donate button at the bottom of the left column. This process uses PayPal and is totally secure. We will not see any of your card details.

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Welcome to Jerripedia, a website sharing knowledge about Jersey's people, places and heritage.

Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands in the English Channel.

This site enables those with connections to the island to trace their family histories and discover
what the island was like in days gone by.

And anyone can contribute - please click on User contributions in the left column




Jerripedia is on Facebook!

A group was created early in 2019 which complements this website and its associated database. Not only does it provide members with regular updates about additions to the website's content, but they can ask questions about the history of Jersey and their own family history research, and obtain answers from some of the most knowledgable people in the island, and around the world. Although everybody is still welcome to contact the Jerripedia team direct - just click on Contact in the left column - a post to the Facebook group will instantly be seen by a much wider audience, who will attempt to resolve any issues you have with your research.

Just go to our Facebook page and ask to join the group.


Jerripedia is full of words - millions of them - but it also has thousands of images to paint a picture of the island of today and yesterday. This is by far the largest, easy to access, on-line collection of images of Jersey, and it is growing daily. Collectors around the world have given Jerripedia editors access to their images and they are steadily being processed for inclusion in the site.


Our menu page giving access to all the site's best pictures

The editor's choice of the best new picture added to the site each week.
This feature has been temporarily suspended because of pressures of other work but you can still access the archive of previous years

Family research

The heart of the website, which provides access to records, family pages, family histories
and family trees, is our section devoted to Family research

The number of family records and other information in Jerripedia so highly valued by those researching their Jersey ancestry just keeps growing and growing. The site links seamlessly to our database of church and public family records

Many of the families appearing in these records are covered by our collection of family trees, submitted by Jerripedia users and checked and assembled by our editorial team.

All the essential information for family historians is brought together in our family pages, tracing the history and origins of the most important island families.


You will find a guide to researching your family trees in Jersey (essential reading for newcomers to family history reseach), a guide to the derivation of Jersey surnames dating back to the Middle Ages, plus several other articles on surname usage, articles on common baptismal names, some fascinating ancestries of island families tracing island lineages back to famous figures of the past, and much, much more ...

Recent additions to our family pages include a collection of over 6,000 images of gravestones in Jersey cemeteries, an index to 35,000 wills registered in Jersey up to 1980, and an index to 66,000 records from funeral directors' registers from 1820 to 1978. In 2020 we started adding several thousand records of baptisms in Roman Catholic and Methodist Churches from the 19th century onwards.

What our friends say


Our small editorial team daily receives and answers a batch of emails from all around the world, both from people wanting our help with their research, or simply wanting to say thank-you for how we have already helped them.
These are a selection of some of the much appreciated comments we have received in recent weeks.
  • Your website is awesome - such a treat for descendants to browsePamela, Australia
  • I wanted to thank you as I have been able to find the solution to a number of outstanding questions and make the links using the Jerripedia sitePeter, UK
  • Thank you for keeping the history aliveAnton, Canada
  • What a fantastic collation of images you’ve pieced together!Richard, Jersey
  • Thanks again for a really useful siteSimon, Cyprus
  • Congratulations on your wonderful website. It certainly has been very beneficial in my research. I really appreciate all the hard work that has gone into itCarol, New Zealand
  • I like your website, it holds a great deal of interest for me - my mother was born in Jersey and we spent many happy summers there in the 1950s and 60s when I was young - Catherine, New Zealand

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