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Daniel Norman

Daniel Norman ( -1668), the younger son of Jean Norman of St Lawrence and Lucasse Benest, was Viscount when Jersey was under Parliamentary rule in the 1650s

In the Civil War he was an active Parliamentarian. At his trial it was stated that he had assisted with all his power in the siege of the castles, and that he had seized the salt provided for the King's troops.

He fled to England when the Royalists recovered the island in November 1645. In 1644 Sir George Carteret had all his corn carried into Elizabeth Castle.

Trial and sentence

He was tried in his absence for high treason in 1645 and sentenced to death. He was hanged in effigy, and his goods confiscated.

Carteret cut down his trees for the repair of Elizabeth Castle. De La Rocque states that Norman, like other of the Jersey exiles, became an Anabaptist. In 1649 ‘Daniel Norman, merchant of the Isle of Jersey' is mentioned as one of the six contractors for the purchase of the King's Property (Acts and Ordinances); and in 1651 he was still employed in Worcester House, the office of the Trustees for the Sale of the Royal Estates.

That year he returned to Jersey with the Parliamentary expedition that reconquered the island, and he helped to reorganize the Militia. Michel Lempriere, the Parliamentary Bailiff, wrote to the Speaker:

"Col Heane at our first coming did put the Militia at the disposing of Col Stocall, Capt Norman, and myself".

On 31 August 1655 the Council of State removed Edouard Hamptonne from his office of Viscount and resolved "that Capt Daniel Norman, a person of known integrity and good affection, be appointed by Parliament Vice-Count or Sheriff, he being willing to go over and execute that place".

His fees were fixed at "five sols for adjournments and significations of Orders from the Bayliffe and Justice, as likewise for sale of goods, and nine sols for all seizures and executions upon goods". For some reason he was not sworn in till April 1657.

At the Restoration he withdrew to England, where he died, apparently about 1668. He married Marthe, sister of Doctors Aaron and Denis Guerdain, and had one daughter, Martha, who married Nathaniel White, a London surgeon.

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